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Author Topic: Use of resource pack as folder to group common resources or common processes.  (Read 760 times)
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« on: October 29, 2017, 12:38:38 PM »

So I am following steps 1 through 10 of the "Building A Diagram" checklist of the iOS version 5.5.31 of inShort, and am currently at step 5 ("Fullness of Resources"), according to which I must draw links from the resources available on the diagram to the processes that use them. Step 5 implies, at least for me, that both objects are lain on the same nested level.

Currently, my final goals, initial resources, interim goals and processes are ALL inside separate folders (five total folders). My understanding is that folders are non-actionable objects, just like comments. The reason why I placed these objects in folders is for sake of having a tidy diagram. Obviously, there's no way to link the objects with any object outside their folder. Perhaps I'm mistaken? However, please take into account that, according to step 7 ("Layout), if a diagram has more than 20 objects, I must group contextually related objects into an object of the .... and here's the keyword ... APPROPRIATE type with a nested diagram.


1.- Can a resource pack be used instead of a folder for grouping common resources or common processes without mixing them? Does doing this allow me to link a resource with its corresponding process without actually drawing the link?

2.- Am I being to damn tidy at the expense of taking advantage of inShort's full functionality? Please answer with brutal frankness.

3.- Must I always make sure all processes and resources are at the same nested level of the diagram as long as they are contextually related to each other?

4.- Is it appropriate for a resource pack "A" to group common processes and for resource pack "B" to group common resources?

5.- In other words, is it inappropriate to drill inside a resource pack so as to nest within it a diagram of common processes?

6.- What if the nested diagram of common processes is devoid of common resources because said resources are nested elsewhere, inside another resource pack where they await a link to their corresponding common process? Is that inappropriate.

Thanks so much,
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« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2017, 02:36:27 AM »

In the normal course of a project, a folder is used only once to put the project into it. All other nested diagrams must be inside other processes and resources. This is quite normal if a business process associated with a resource is nested in it (Answers 1, 4, 5).

When you split a project into separate diagrams, you sort of lay out the workspaces, which operate with a limited set of resources and must be explicitly represented on the diagram. This separation of the project itself is an important part of planning, in this way you differentiate the levels of competence, detail and responsibility.
Thus, everything that is needed for a process/resource should be represented in the diagram or should be in the diagram embedded in the process/resource (Answers 3, 6).

Do not limit yourself, everything that makes the business process clearer and can be done in the application should be done (Answer 2).
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