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Author Topic: New Project...How to Cure Cancer Example  (Read 1759 times)

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« on: February 15, 2016, 11:11:38 AM »

Hello inShort cummunity,

I have been working on my first project using the 10 step diagramming technique. Jury Shortki has been helping me by giving me feedback on mistakes i'm making on my project and fine tuning each new version I create.

So far there are 4 versions and i'll upload each version on this post for everyone to see the evolution of the project.

In my How to Cure Cancer Version 1 Original version, I tried my best to follow the login in Jury's 10 STEP DIAGRAMMING TECHNIQUE
In the Second, Third and Fourth Version there were basic tweeks Jury did for me to make it more perfect.

Step 1. Put your goals as resources in the lower right corner of the diagram.  I created an information resource box called "Cancer Condition Removed"

Step 2. Mark the available resources as objects in the upper part of the diagram.
I created a space on the top labelled "Available Resources" and included my starting resources (714X Website, Kangen Water Website, Rain Soul Website, Zymessence Website).

Step 3. Put the prospective interim goals as resources in the middle of the diagram. (Lymphatic system cleaner, Ionized structured water source, Omega 6/3 oils source, Scar tissue removal source, Green foods source)

Step 4. In front of goals existing on the diagram, put the processes that lead to the achievement of these goals, and connect new processes with their goals.
 (Research Lymphatic cleanser products, Research water ionizers products, Research Omega 6/3 oils products, Research scar tissue removal products, Research green food sources)

Step 5. Draw links from the resources available on the diagram to the processes that use them. If a resource required for the process is not on the diagram, add a new goal, returning to  Step 3 ↑.
 (See the links drawn)

Step 6. Draw links between processes, the execution of which depend on each other. (I had no links drawn in this step as there was no dependencies)

Step 7. Make sure the diagram is easy to read and contains not more than 20 objects. If it is not so, group a few contextually related objects into one object of the appropriate type with a nested diagram containing this group (use the feature of folding a group of objects). (I did not need to do this here)

Step 8. Make sure that the objects are of a type appropriate to their essence, visually separate information and physical flows. If the diagram contains a few contextually related objects, mark them out with a group. In areas that require explanation, place objects of type comment. (I did not need to do anything here)

Step 9. For processes that are not elementary operations, build a nested diagram starting from Step 1 ↑. (I did not need to do anything here, as I did not have any elementary operations)

Step 10. For individual resources, where necessary, add a nested diagram of preparation of the resource for use. For chosen goals add a diagram on checking the required qualities of the goal achieved. After the 10-th step we should get a detailed guide to achieving the desired result in the form of a structured set of diagrams ready for execution. (I did not need to do anything here)

* How to Cure Cancer Version 1 Original.ish (14.26 KB - downloaded 224 times.)
* How to Cure Cancer Version 2.ish (14.26 KB - downloaded 177 times.)
* How to Cure Cancer Version 3.ish (38.09 KB - downloaded 163 times.)
* How to Cure Cancer Version 4.ish (15.71 KB - downloaded 267 times.)
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