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Author Topic: Stability problems  (Read 5565 times)
Paul Kelly

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« on: October 26, 2014, 06:47:26 PM »

I am just learning inShort. I have stepped through the User Manual diagrams with no problems, but now that I am trying to build my own first set of diagrams to test my understanding, the program keeps freezing.

I have created a simple project with 27 objects, about half of them in two nested diagrams. There is nothing complicated - no decisions, no triggers, no proxies and no time delays. When I try to add work resources to a process, it sometimes works fine, but specific attempted allocations always cause the program to freeze, with no option but to force quit. Some other actions also cause freezing, such as changing the tab in the inspector, but this is not predictable or repeatable. I initially created the objects by pasting from a text file - one line per object. This seemed to go fine with no issues.

I initially thought it might be a OSX 10.10 issue, so I moved the file to another machine running 10.9.5. This solved a couple of minor window management problems, but the critical freezing continued. I am using inShort 1.1.2.

The additional problem in 10.10 was that each time I reopened the program, the navigator window was shut. When I opened the navigator window, the whole window grew in size to the right, so that a portion of it was now off the screen. To fix this I had to 're-maximise' the window.

Another curious bug I found when I moved the file from the 10.10 machine to the 10.9.5 machine (using export ish file) was that about half the expected times I had input were now blank.

I wanted to try working on the same file in the iPad version of the software, to see if the problems persisted there also. I exported the ish file to Dropbox, but I cannot find any way on the iPad of getting the inShort program to open or load the file, so I have not been able to test stability here.

Are there any known issues that are likely to be affecting my use? After 12 force quits in one hour, I am reluctant to spend any more time learning the software or developing a test project until I know I can solve the stability issues.
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« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2014, 11:29:42 PM »

If you can, send me your project, I will test it on my system.

Very strange that the settings for the Navigator status are not saved, since it uses fairly basic functions of the system, almost without custom code — are you sure that in other applications your system is stable? Although it is likely that this is a consequence of forced interruptions of the program.

Try opening Dropbox on iOS and using 'Open in', for ISH files the system should offer inShort (of course, if the program is installed in the system).
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