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Author Topic: How do I get started?  (Read 13620 times)
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« Reply #15 on: November 17, 2013, 10:42:23 PM »

The goal to be reached before the execution of the process is essentially a resource. In the mentioned example, the primary goal of the Guide was to greet the user in a manner characteristic of the application, this goal must have been achieved before moving on. You have activated the switch, thus recognizing that the greeting had taken place, the decencies had been observed, along the way you got the first skill of work with the application, and the next process got the necessary resource in the form of the prepared user.

In fact, you have raised a very complex issue of the interaction between an object and its model, which is reduced to the philosophical problem of the connection of material things and ideas. But this matter is not to be considered in the formal manual either, as for the purposes of the application it is sufficient to understand that for realizing the result of adding two and three apples one does not need to go to a fruit store.

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« Reply #16 on: February 13, 2014, 04:31:26 AM »

This is exactly what I think and what I have been looking for when I bought the App. Creating Gantt Charts was the reason why I bought it. I also have difficulties using the tool itself. Very confusing. Why isn't there a button "start new project" and of you go...

How to create a new diagram/goal plan independent of the tutorial.

  • Create a folder on 'Desktop'. You can go to 'Desktop' by pressing the 'Roll Up' button (the leftmost one).
  • Create a drill-down diagram for the folder using the option 'Add new diagram' in the object card. While creating the diagram, choose the option 'Add new diagram' (the top item in the list, it's not a title, it's an option). The list of other processes is there to create a diagram from a template, you don't need them right now.
  • Drill down into the created diagram.
  • Create your process in it.

The idea of the application is great but the problem is in the flow.  It is not intuitive.

Fir example, how can I start a new project? I can't find how I can create a folder at the desktop level.  Then how to access items and assign times and resources. And many other issues.

I suggest the following:
1. Hire few non technical people, not those who programmed the application, and watch how they use it and what problems they face.
2. Create a training video
3. Make the application intuitive. It should be learnt without even reading a manual
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