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1  General Category / inShort / iCloud Syning between iOS and OS X. on: February 23, 2016, 04:47:47 PM

I know that the iCloud syncing for inShort is still is a 'Beta' state, but can I get some insight to what is going on?

I can get my diagrams to sync between my iOS devices, most of the time, but I can't seem to figure out the trick to get things to sync between iOS and OS X versions.

I usually have to turn off iCloud syncing on the OS X version and turn it back on to force an update.   If I have to do something like that, there might as well be a 'update' button on the front of the UI.

I think part of the problem, is when I have been successful, iOS diagrams show up in OS X, under a Shared Folder.  As a UI design this sort of breaks the flow for me. The OS X version has the 'Desktop' diagram, but if 'shared' diagrams are going to be partitions, I would rather see a separate diagram space to help indicate it is a 'shared' object.

I love inShort but the iCloud part is the weirdest part right now, and I think it only part that is really holding it back from it going to the next level.

Just some thoughts/questions.



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