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Title: Complex diagrams crashing Inshort
Post by: Reza.zaeim on June 20, 2012, 12:46:41 AM
Hi there,

First I have to mention that I think inshort is a fantastic tool and while there is room for improvement paired with iPad it's a created a very elegant venue to present tasks, schedules, but also potentially use for other things such as presenting a business structure or reference model having the ability to drill down and explore ideas with various depths.... Then maybe you can even use the tool to present and idea to a client and let them explore it intuitively

So which brings me to my issue I have been using inshort to build a reference structure like that and it seems that my model is too complex and it crashes the app

I'm talking 12 folders , 5 groups each containing 15-20 folders also all in 1 page representing a business architecture

I'm happy to send you the file but I was wondering if this is an issue like a memory allocation glitch or a RAM problem that can be addressed easily. I'm not familiar with App development but from what I know it does come down to serious coding so I'm not sure how easy this issue is to address

Anyway wanted to raise it and would love to hear back,



Title: Re: Complex diagrams crashing Inshort
Post by: shortki on June 21, 2012, 01:22:21 AM
Indeed, the program can be very demanding on the RAM. Memory consumption depends more on the canvas size of the current diagram than on the number of diagram items or on the number of diagrams. On the new iPad the situation is better, but still compact size diagrams are preferable.

As a recommendation, try to keep no more than 20-30 objects on one sheet, this is the maximum for integral perception of a scheme by a human. By skillfully using nesting, it's not difficult to observe this condition.

Nevertheless, please send me your data, I'll check if there are any other problems except ones concerning the device memory.

Title: Re: Complex diagrams crashing Inshort
Post by: Reza.zaeim on June 30, 2012, 03:59:47 AM
Sorry for the delay on this Im inclined to say the alert notification is not set p so I didn't see a reply to this thread.

Thanks for your reply I agree that likely the issue that I have is that the model I'm working on at the highest level contains over 30 boxes and fairly large canvas. I'm not sure if it's possible to create an object type in later releases that consumes less memory but has the drill down functionality still attached. Maybe I'm trying to get something out of this application that it's not suited for.

I've sent you the file anyway feel free to reply back on here or directly via email.

Thanks again and keep up the fantastic work with this app,