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Title: Does InShort is used in real life to manage large projects ?
Post by: ybollati on July 07, 2017, 07:37:37 pm

I had an InShort licence on my iPad for at least 2 years. I played with it a bit from time to time but I never really dig into it. I use often other project management Mac software, such as Merlin or Omniplan. It's only when I bought the InShort Mac version a few weeks ago and invested a couple of hours to really understand the power of the tool that I grasped it. I am hooked ! I really learned to love the InSort approach and in just 10 days I have done much more that what I do in the other PM tools I used before.

Now... I am starting a new large project, maybe 30/40 people, 2/3 years, multi millions euros kind of project. In the past I would use Merlin to manage such a complex project. I really like the idea of taking the plunge and manage it with InShort. InShort is really impressive. For the last 10 days that I am using the Mac version intensively I did not find any significant bug... but ... I am am worried that very few professional project managers really use InShort ? I mean as their main PM tool for large complex projects.

I noticed for instance that the activity in this users forum is quite low. If I look at many user posts, people seems to be active for a few weeks and then gone. Posts are not very frequent. Like if their were not so many real active long term users. A tool such as Merlin for instance has a much bigger and active user community. At least it seems.

Are you a professional project manager ? Are you using InShort on significant real projects for a long period ? What is your experience ?

InShort lacks some features related to costs tracking, what else do you think is missing whiling using it to manage real projects in practice ?

Many thanks !!