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Title: A global font size
Post by: Alphaai on August 16, 2016, 04:14:19 AM
Hey there,

Great app. Finding my way around it quite well. Still a few things I'm yet to learn.
I havent been able to find a global override font size setting.
For every resource, process, comment etc I create, I always change the font size for the title, description and description labels to the smallest (9)
I prefer smaller font for more screen real estate. It would be nice if you had somewhere in the settings that I could set the default font size and allow the user to reset back to default font size if they need to.

I'm using IPad and iPhone.

Logical unit > Appearance >
Title Font size, Description Font Size, and Description Labels Font size.



Title: Re: A global font size
Post by: shortki on August 18, 2016, 02:35:02 AM
That's right, this option is not available.

Initially, I strived for easy readability of diagrams for various users, regardless of who created them. Therefore, I fixed part of the visual characteristics in order that diagrams are always similarly designed. Since then much has changed, I have introduced the ability to change the font and even the colors of objects, maybe it's default
fonts' turn...

Title: Re: A global font size
Post by: Adisark on October 17, 2017, 08:13:31 AM
If you have a picture, it would be great.