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Title: iCloud sync not working
Post by: Ghosty on December 15, 2013, 09:29:23 PM
I have a business and a personal account that tx funds between each.

I set the accounts up on my ipad and am trying to sync to my iphone. The sync gets to 3 seconds on my iphone and then crashes. When I open the app again the empty accounts are there but no data and iCloud switch is now off in the settings.

Every time I try to sync it crashes. I have even deleted the app from my iphone and tried to sync again. No joy.

UPDATE: I got the sync to work by editing some transactions on my ipad. When I edit them, they appear on my iphone. I did this for a whole month's data and turned off and on the iCloud switch in the iphone and the rest synced. Weird..

Title: Re: iCloud sync not working
Post by: shortki on December 16, 2013, 10:27:33 PM
iCloud will not work correctly for iOS 6. iCloud system itself has a number of bugs that make it impossible to synchronize complex applications on the old firmware. In iOS 7, the operation is more stable and system bugs can at least be circumvented.

Soon a new version of the application will come, it must be more stable in terms of synchronization.

Title: Re: iCloud sync not working
Post by: chum13th on April 15, 2014, 06:28:45 PM
iCloud sync is really a PITA.
It works occasionally, but I cant figure out under what conditions. 
iOS 7.1, iphone 5s and ipad air.

My current rivalry installed - CoinKeeper - syncs amazingly. But they require registration, so it might not be purely iCloud. M/b think about something similar? Sync is very important.