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Title: inShort version 3.2.3
Post by: shortki on October 25, 2011, 02:53:33 AM
Some 3.2.2 bugs (including OPML&XML export) fixed and application performance optimized for use in iOs5.

Note: If you have experienced difficulties with the first launch of the program, or it works unstable, it is recommended to reboot the device.

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Title: Re: inShort version 3.2.3
Post by: 3dphoto on November 21, 2011, 05:12:05 AM

I'm running iOS 5 on an iPad (have not bumped it up to 5.0.1 yet) and using 3.2.3.  I cannot send PDF of single diagrams.  I can send whole project, but when I try to send PDF of just one page, it appears to send it, but on the receiving end (Outlook) I see a broken box.

When sending a whole project, the app inserts a PDF file visible in the body of the email.  When I send a single diagram, it always inserts the image directly on the iPad, and that's when I get a broken "x" icon on the receiving end.  To work around this, I'm having to screen snap the diagram and send that instead.

What would be great is being able to send a PNG as an option to begin with, so I can get a full resolution.  Bigger diagrams I need to snip the PDF to make it a picture.

I do LOVE this app.  It's the best iPad scheduling app out there.  It's great for project planning and friendlier than Basecamp.  I'm very visually oriented, so hence why I like this app so much.

Any suggestions or workarounds?


Title: Re: inShort version 3.2.3
Post by: shortki on November 22, 2011, 02:01:09 AM
Yes, this is a known problem, it is the Mail application bug of displaying some single-page PDFs. Previously I was adding a blank page to the output, but now I'm trying to find a more elegant solution. Meanwhile, you can add a blank diagram to any item, it will substitute the blank page.

Thanks for a good estimate of the application.